JGooMap Pro 1.0 Features


  • Ability to set map’s default width, height and zooml level
  • Display only a fixed location
  • Set Map’s Locale
  • Enable zoom for the mouse's scroll wheel
  • Pinch Zoom for iPhone and iTouch.
  • Displaydefault map type such as roads, satetille, or hybrid (combination of roads and satellite.
  • Enable Google Search Bar.
  • Preview the map.

Info Window

  • Content editor for the Info Window.
  • Set the width of the Info Window.
  • Offset the Info Window from the center location.


Ability to add the following controls and alter some of their positions:

  • Large or Small Map Control
  • Large 3D Map Control
  • Overview
  • Hierachical Type Control
  • Basic Type Control
  • Zoom Control
  • Small 3D Zoom Control


  • Set the marker title
  • Add content with the content editor for the Info Window and ability to set the width.
  • Ability to customize a marker for color, labels, width, height and style.
  • Previewing custom marker.


  • Lines with the ability to change the color, width and opacity.
  • Polygons with changeable outline color, fill color, opacity, and outline width.


  • Add multiple routes with optional directions.


  • Add Custom Ground or Screen images.
  • Ability to position and resize a Ground Overlay.