JGooMap Button

(V: 0.18.1)

The JGooMap plugin allows the embeding of single Google Map into a Joomla article. This stand alone plugin does not need unnecessary installing of other components.

  • Joomla 1.6.1 and above. This does not work for Joolma 1.6.0 as a bug does not allow the saving of javascript in a Joolma article.

Google Map Version 3.

View a sample article on the Joomla 1.6 demo site.


  • Ability to dynamically change the map’s default width, height and zoom level
  • Display the map in a fix location.
  • Enable Mouse Zoom scroll wheel for zooming the Google map.
  • Display default map types such roads, satetille, and hybrid (combination of roads and satellite)
  • Preview the map before inserting into the content article.

Info Window

  • Set the width of the Map's Informational Window.


Ability to add the following controls and alter some of their positions:

  • Default Controls.
  • Large or Small Map Control
  • Basic Type Control
  • Zoom Control


  • Ability to easily place multiple markers in the Map.
  • Ability to change the marker title.
  • Add content to the Marker’s Informational Window and set the width.


  • Add multiple routes with directions.