This Joomla(1.0) component has the ability to search through a list of geographic similar images that have related features and display the list or individual features. Updating, adding and deleting this information is done in the back end.

Email Resume Component

This shipping company required a resume form application with the ability to upload an applicant\'s resume and email the resume and application to the company in a HTML formatted email.

File Upload/ Email Distribution

This Joomla(1.5) component allows the user to upload files and have specific clients email about availability of the file for download. The body of the email would provide a link to the file. Management of files, email and file projects are provided in the backend. Only register user allow to upload and email clients.


  1. Ability to upload large files in a web form using a progressive upload component.
  2. Ability to put an expire time on the files -- a cron job that deletes files based on expire time
  3. Organize files by folder(project)
  4. Browse files by folder(project) for authenticated users only
  5. Notification of files will be sent by email -- with an encrypted link so that the location of file is not visible to the client.
  6. Ablity to select from a list of user who receives email notification of a file to download.

Itrader: Custom Parts Database Bridge

A custom Joomla component integrates a custom parts database search, which exists on an external server. System is configurable for multiple sites, using different key codes that allow access to the parts database. Users require to be registered before searching and to allow general public searches. Require use of the wrapper or at least iframes (prefer NOT use iframes) around the parts search interface.
The solution provided was to scrape the HTML interface received from the parts database web application.


A module containing the search boxes (part, and keyword) which posts to the component and loads the database search results was also required. Module will also contain the option to use hidden extra variable input fields for passing through Joomla's user/email/company with each search to the parts application database.


Both component and module must be compatible with Joomla 1.0+ AND 1.5+.

3DMLW Component

3DMLW is a 3D xml file format for describing 3D scenes and has a plugin that can view these files in a web browser.

The Joomla component and plugin allows 3DMLW files to be viewed, uploaded and embedded into Joomla's content articles.

The component is available for both Joomla 1.0+ and 1.5+, and the plugin is only available for Joomla 1.5+